We generally recommend eBay for most of your online shopping. There are some great bargains to be had on both new & used products. Check seller feedback (97% or over) BEFORE buying. Check out bids & best offers.

Amazon has a tendency to use excessive packaging thus increasing shipping costs & environmental impact. Also, watch out for delivery costs which are added at checkout. Sign up to Amazon Prime for cheaper faster deliveries.

To keep costs LOW & stay green ask the seller to MINIMISE packaging thus reducing volumetric charge & environmental impact.

UK & USA are both the fastest & CHEAPEST routes & have reduced volumetric charges

Do not buy any USED electronics, especially home cinema amplifiers unless 100% certain of seller…..

Buy NEW electronics/electrical equipment from UK as plugs & voltage is compatible with Kenya Power.

Hazardous and flammable material such as perfumes & hair spray cannot be shipped. Inquire within for the full list of banned products.

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Contact the KeBay Team for tips on how to shop online & save money. Happy to help.

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